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Our goal is to provide you with the top 1-2 candidates in your field.


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There is no fee to interview your candidates. A fee is only due when your position is filled.


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We stay atop the current market structure, current trends, and industry standards.

Civil Construction

We are heavily invested in the Civil Construction Industry. We help the major companies who are building and rebuilding 80% of Florida's roadways.

Understanding Civil Engineers are paramount to our business model. These engineers are responsible for building the very foundation of our communities and the country.

With our new-world focus on building an environmentally-minded future, the search for the right civil engineering candidates is becoming more fierce by the day. We are focused on getting only the most elite in many of the civil engineering subdisciplines.

Civil Engineering subdisciplines include:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Construction
  • Environmental
  • Geotechnical
  • Structural
  • Transportation
  • Urban & Municipal
  • Materials
  • Coastal and Water Managment
  • Construction Engineering

Water Treatment

With a constant push to protect and improve our environment, finding progressive candidates is now more important than ever.

Water resources management includes the coordination of an ever-emerging, evolving, and expanding subdivision of environmental engineering. Finding the right candidate to deal with these shifts in the industry is very crucial. Not only for your business but for the future of us all.

The water treatment industry requires you find candidates that are familiar with a variety of engineering applications to ensure quality.

We continue to be a leader in staffing professionals in the environmental and construction industry. And you need only give us a chance, and we do the rest, giving you 1-2 of the top candidates in the Water Treatment field so you can get, what may be, the most important field in "Green" movement.


Find your top candidates within any manufacturing field.

We have a deep understanding of the manufacturing process and are versed in practices such as Six Sigma and lean manufacturing. We have worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies to help them remain competitive on to in the global marketplace.

Whether you work in textiles, manufacture building materials, tools, hardware, or high-end designer fabrications for clothing and other apparel items, we get only the top candidates in your office, and your company off and roaring.

With our vast network outreach, we can provide you with the right candidates to fit your personal manufacturing needs. Let our proven track record of staffing businesses with ideal candidates be your guide. Get in touch Today!

Software Development

Finding the most whip-smart of the bunch to push your industry forward.

Sometimes the project or job you want to fill is so niche, so novel, it defies standard searches. The IT and Technology field is a large one, and there are many that look to advance within their ranks. But who's the best? We help staff only the top talents within:

  • Software Engineering
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Risk Management
  • Application Development
  • Quality Assurances
  • System Integrations
  • Cyber Security
  • And many more...

Ready To Find Your Ideal Candidate?

Project Management

Find the right candidates for your project management needs. Don't leave the future of your expanding business to chance.

There's no project too big or too small. There is an ideal project manager out there to fit the bill. We urge you to speak with us about your individual needs, seeing as how the project management industry is a vast one.

We have a collection of vast resources and networking to find exactly what candidate is right for your specific construction, IT, manufacturing, or other technical management projects. Service needs includes:

  • Logistics and Supply
  • Organization Management
  • System Lifecycles
  • Production Facilitations
  • Technical Communications
  • Construction and Civil Projects
  • Custom Needs/Novel Projects
  • Security Integrations
  • Audio/Visual Managment
  • And many more...

Miscellaneous Services

You want it? We can find it.

Sometimes the project or job you are in need of filling is so niche, so novel that it defies any other market necessity out there. If this is you, you need to get in touch with us. We can find you your ideal candidate. And each of our picks will be custom picked for your special needs.

We focus on finding the top 1-2 candidates in your specific field. Most of our clients hire the first candidate we send them. This is because our connections are deep, and we care about staffing the right candidates to your area of business. There are far too many untapped potential clients out there suitable for your open positions. RCD Group finds them for you quickly.



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