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About RCD Group

Providing you with the top candidates, in any field, from our vast network.

Our recruiters take on a personal approach and give your company the service it deserves by finding only the top candidates in your field. Sometimes these candidates are not available, but that does not stop us from contacting them. This is because the RCD group goes beyond the normal scope of other recruitment services. We want only the right candidates for your business--not just who's available at the time.

On average, our clients hire the first or second candidate we send them. Because our mission is to not waste your time, the perfect candidate is out there. But how do you find them? Our vast connections and networks allow us an inside look into who's looking, who's the best, and who's available--or even who can be available.

The RCD Group remains unmatched in finding you the best candidate possible. We give you the right options the first time with our:

  • Vast network of qualified candidates on file
  • We are relationship oriented, seeing past the candidates on paper, versus the candidates in the real world
  • We assess each client's needs and match accordingly the first time
  • We stay current with market trends and needs
  • We qualify candidates for almost any business
  • We stay local, forging relationships with businesses within our scope's reach
  • Our specialties run the gamut: Lending & Risk Analytics, CRM & Digital Marketing, Web analytics and many, many more!

Find your Top Talent Candidates!

Don't waste your time. Exceptional talent is scarce—and time is money.